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Libby Mitchell wins democratic nod in Maine’s Gubernatorial Primary, becoming first woman to do so

Elizabeth "Libby" Mitchell has broken some records in her time.  She is the first woman in Maine to hold the distinction of being both the Speaker of the House and the Senate President.  She has sponsored first in the national legislation on early childhood education.  She’s done amazing work across party lines.  And last year she stood on the senate floor and spoke on the importance of marriage equality.

Last night Libby broke another record.  Libby became the first woman to win the democratic nomination for Governor in Maine.  I’m so proud to have worked on her campaign from early on, and I am so excited to continue through November.  Were Libby to win, which I am confident she will, she will be the first female Governor in the State of Maine.

My support for Libby comes from her politics, not her gender.  She supports nearly every big issue I care deeply about, and I would have supported and campaigned for any of the candidates if that were their distinction.  It wasn’t.  But the fight to break through the glass ceiling of politics is nowhere near over, and I think it’t wonderful to see women like Libby Mitchell, like Hillary Clinton, Barbara Mikulski, Dianne Feinstein, Barbara Boxer, Patty Murray.  I don’t agree with the politics of all these woman, but they are all breaking down barriers every day by DOING.  I think that’s incredibly important.

Congratulations, Libby!  I’m so proud to work on your campaign.

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