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A Boyfriend: The ultimate must-have fashion accessory!

I have a couple of friends, whose identities are sadly built around men. One of them feels too ashamed to be single, after splitting up with one bf, always goes back to her ex, because she “might as well,” and is too embarressed of being single, as if she needs a man to have an identity.
Another friend, and in hindsight I realise now how she was influencing me of succumbing to sexist ideals, would look at my Myspace and comment on me not being “photogenic” and spending ages lecturing me on the “correct” angles to take my pics, and ways to look sexy. She also got me into shaving my bikibi line, as “guys prefer it so much more” and generally how to be “sexy.” Also telling me one time “it feels weird to be single.”
Classic line that really gets on my tits? “Have you got a bf YET?” What’s with the “yet”? Since when has it been a rite of passage? I used to get so depressed by it, started hating myself for not being able to get guys I like and branding myself “not a real woman” coz of it, and becoming very bitter towards my mates who could get guys.
But as I’ve grown up, I’ve seen from many young women, they don’t want a particular someone special, they want a Boyfriend (with a capital B) like a must-have fashion accessory.