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The Kate Bolick Show Gets Picked Up by CBS


The TV show adaptation of Kate Bolick’s stir-causing Atlantic cover story “All The Single Ladies” sold to CBS yesterday, Deadline Hollywood reports. While The Lives of Independent Young Women has recently become a full-on pop cultural meme thanks to shows like Lena Dunham’s Girls, no mainstream television show has yet attempted to take on the “rom-com industrial complex” that consistently makes finding a male partner the central narrative of every woman’s life.

The show will center on “a successful, thirty-something woman who doesn’t want it all.” Just like in Bolick’s article, the main character turns down her boyfriend’s marriage proposal in favor of keeping her current independent single life, which to me, sounds like a canned attempt at feminism–as if the goals stop at just not needing men. But thankfully, as Slate‘s Alyssa Rosenburg points out, the show is still in development, and if it actually ends up being about an interesting character who just happens to be content to stay single, it could be a first for network television:

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