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Toronto cop, sluts, and York University

By now I’m sure many of you have read the article or heard word.

(Essentially during a “campus safety information session” a Toronto Police officer suggested that to not get raped, you should “not dress like a slut”.)

The below is copied from a facebook note I wrote immediately after hearing the news, so please forgive any casualness.

What I’m proposing is ACTION done in regards to this.

While an apology may come about, what an apology does is BASICALLY say – “we can continue to enact any type of verbal violence we want to – and WILL do so. IF we get caught or if ENOUGH noise is made, we’ll rescind on the statement.”

So yes – I’m choosing to call this an ACT OF VIOLENCE – it is not a “mistake”, an “error”, a “surprise”, an “oversight” as the various bodies will try to frame it.