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What’s Wrong with Articles Like “Why You’re Not Married”

Hi everyone,

Most of us have read Tracy McMillan’s  “Why You’re Not Married,” the newest nightmare of an article about why unmarried women are terrible. Because I’ve heard way too many people defend the article (and similar articles), I wrote a blog post titled What’s Wrong with Articles Like “Why You’re Not Married”.  The post is intended for the very uninitiated, and (I hope) explains in basic terms what’s wrong with McMillan’s arguments.

I tried to keep it as basic as possible, even hyperlinking to definitions of “fallacy,” “hasty generalization,” etc.  It’s elementary stuff that I’m sure everyone here already knows, because I intended it for people who sincerely do not know what’s wrong with articles like McMillan’s. I want it to be a straightforward explanation that us feminist-types can show people who defend McMillan’s article. Basically, my post goes over a lot of critical thinking basics so that you don’t have to. At least, that’s what I hope!

I hope you find it useful! Thanks for reading it!


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