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Eastwick Exec Producer not allowed to be angry?

I don’t watch the show Eastwick, which was just canceled by ABC, but I do read daily. EW columnist Michael Ausiello had interviewed Eastwick’s executive producer, Maggie Friedman, and let her know that fans were “furious” about the cancellation. She replied, “I’m pretty furious, too.” You can see the rest of her comments here.
Today, however, she has retracted her statement. As can be read here, she contacted Ausiello and said that she chose her words poorly, and that she’s not angry, and that ABC treated her well and she had fun making the show.
At first glance, I didn’t think too much about it, but then I started thinking about how society pressures women to be nice. I thought about how Katherine Heigl and Megan Fox have been demonized by the media for daring to express discontent with aspects of their jobs (even when in a flippant joke on a late night talk show), while similar comments by male actors went by unnoticed.
I thought about the choice words Joss Whedon had for the CW and Fox when his shows Angel and Firefly were canceled. I thought about how the male star of Southland recently laid the smackdown on NBC for axing his show (see his comments, which are filled with snark, here) and was cheered by fans in the comments. Contrast that to the comments on Maggie Friedman’s retraction, where some people admonish her for biting the ...

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