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My Favorite Female Musicians

I’ve always loved music. Always. I’ve played it and made it and listened to it and appreciated it. And when deciding that I’d like to make music part of my career (I’ll be entering college in the fall), I was a bit dismayed to realize that women are quite underrepresented in music. 

How many women music producers are out there? Sound engineers? Mixers? Backup and session musicians? Music magazine editors, or music magazine journalists? Well I’ve looked on the backs of all my favorite CDs and in the credits of all my favorite magazines, and the numbers are slim. 

That’s just talking about people behind the scenes. For the longest time, I struggled to find female musicians I could look up to. I remember going through a big style change in 2005 at age 13, especially musically. I turned on to quite a few alt-rock bands, who all featured guy-singers, guy-drummers, guy-guitar players, and so on and so on. I discovered, when I tried to pick up guitar, that guitar was not quite a “female-friendly” instrument– or at least that’s the term I’m going with, because every male I talk to seems so shocked and awed at girls who play guitar (in fairness to these guys, they were all encouraging, and seemed to find girl-guitarists intriguing, but their reactions made me deduce that they have had few crossings with girls playing and learning guitar). I limited myself to things I “was able” to do based ...

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