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Run the world, (sullen) girls: vulnerability as girl power anthem

A SYTYCB entry

When people talk about “girl power” anthems, I’m gonna say it’s a safe bet that what jumps to most people’s minds is pretty similar to BET’s list of the top 10 girl power anthems: a lot of Beyoncé, whether with the more recent “Run the World (Girls)” or Destiny’s Child’s “Independent Women“. Throw in some TLC, a little Katy Perry, and you’ve got a lot of great pop songs to smack the “Girl Power” label to—and I’m all for it (with the exception of Katy Perry. I’m sorry, world, but I just can’t get down.).

But what about other forms of girl power? You know, when we’re not throwing our hands up with Bey and invoking our favorite Charlie’s Angel during our post-breakup cardio kickboxing class?

Sady Doyle has an answer for us. In her recent piece for In These Times,“Vulnerability: The New Girl Power,” she delves into the “female confessional” as a new form of feminism. She discusses more than just music—she nods to Sheila Heti’s book, How Should A Person Be? as well as the female confessional poets of the 60s, Anne Sexton and Sylvia Plath, for setting the precedent for these emotional, first-person confessions. But when she does mention music, she calls out Fiona Apple, and she’s right on the money to do so.

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