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Techno-Feminist Utopia: The Gift of Monstrosity

Hey Feministing Community!
This April 17th, I will release a short documentary-style film, ‘The Gift of Monstrosity.’  The film is based on research I did in a graduate-level Genocide and Human Rights course about the idea that genocide or ethnic cleansing can happen to queer people. Check out the trailer!

Taking an artistic and philosophical approach, we discuss the relationship between religious truth and medical truth as both affect gender. We question the historical target of both religious and scientific “correction” — a “monster” — an androgynous, lesbian, aggressive woman of color who is stereotypically associated with the body and the “primitive.” The question for our personal lives, is how to see our “monstrosity” as a gift and not something that needs be “fixed” or “cleansed” from society, whether through religious salvation or medical cure. The broader question is whether there is a more positive role religion can play in our lives — and what the corresponding new, liberated relationship to medical technology would look like. We have several other films available at our Youtube Channel, Techno-Feminist Utopia .

Feel free to send critical feedback! Thanks for reading.


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