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You can change society later

I had a P.E class in…seventh grade. We had a sub and this woman really doesn’t like us students.

It is pretty obvious from the start. but what to do? It’s just an hour of playing games or whatever. I do not remember this incident perfectly, but I remember the punchline very clearly.

A few girls had gotten upset about the way this teacher was treating the girls in our class, it may have been something trivial or not. I think it was about not letting the girls play, or play with the boys or simply telling us that we were not in the same league. We were what, 13?

I meet the girls in the hall after class arguing with this teacher. They were talking about this incident. My friends were really upset and were asking how she could treat the boys and girls in class so differently, asking her how she could justify this in school, during class. How could she possibly educate us in knowing that we did not have the same capacity?

Anyway it all came down to the question of feminism. My friends claim themselves as feminists and had found a battle to fight in their very near surroundings. What she said to the girls was, “You may not have an opinion right now. You may not be feminists right now. I do not care what you do when you grow up. But right now you’re in school and can not allow ...

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