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“When you wear yoga pants, I can see your vagina.”

Or, “When you write an op-ed, your entitlement is showing.”

I graduated in May from Roger Williams University in Rhode Island, your typical New England private college: small, wholesome, safe, if not a bit apathetic and Puritanical. Our college paper, The Hawk’s Herald, offers a bi-weekly dishing of vanilla news focused on alcohol policy or parking lots (ugh, that 12-minute walk…I can’t do it anymore). Always one for controversy and debate, I always hoped for an inflammatory op-ed; the Democrat vs. Republican didn’t satisfy my hunger for outcry, and no one ever tried sex blogging (the paper’s closest sex column written by “Racy Stacy” never ventured into the queer world, opting instead to illustrate all sex as heterosexual sex; Racy most recently offers up some wholesome advice: “If you want to make your relationship last and make see­ing your boyfriend’s family as happy as Thanksgiving dinner, then here’s the delicious plan to make them thankful for you.” C’mon, Racy! You’ve never kissed a girl?)

Imagine my delight when I read The Hawk’s Herald latest article online, “When you wear yoga pants, I can see your vagina.”

The author, senior Ben Whitmore, prefaces his yoga-pants-diatribe with the sentiment that yes, there are many things that drive him wild about RWU – inflated grades, apathetic students, your typical college campus complaints: issues that Whitmore can “get over.” However, Whitmore admits that “there is one school trend that I can no ...