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Dear mom, not sorry I’ve led sis astray

I know you try to be supportive of me; atheism, gay rights support and all. I appreciate that you stand up for me when dad forgets to be a father first and preacher second, constantly telling me that at 26 I’m only going through a phase or condemning me to Hell. I don’t even care that when religion comes into the conversation you take a tone of fond exasperation and we agree to disagree. However, I also know that subconsciously you think dad’s right and you’ll never fully accept me. Why else would there be screaming fights when sis, nearly 16 (the same age I began questioning and eventually stopped attending church) , says she doesn’t want to attend church? Fights that end with my secretly agnostic sister grounded and sullen while being dragged unwilling to a place that insults every value I’ve tried to instill in her.

Yes, perhaps it wasn’t my place to usurp your parental authority like that, but, mom…I couldn’t let you do that to her. I couldn’t mind my place while you surrounded her with people who taught her to be a modest little lady who would never tempt a man into sin by daring to wear short skirts or low-cut tops, while -apart from the preacher’s family with their weird hangup about even male and female siblings swimming together- no boys are ever told not to tempt the girls (who, I suspect, must not have libidos).  As an aside, mom, I’ve ...

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