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We know Feministing is the source you turn to whenever you need a dose of nuanced analysis, take-no-shit commentary, and socially-just sex appeal. You may have even wished you had a teeny-tiny version of our crew in your pocket, ready to opine and enlighten on the latest news all day long.

While keeping us in in your literal pocket would be a) physically impossible and b) probably sexist, you can sure as hell follow us on Instagram! You’ll get updates on the site, cool curated content, and the occasional behind-the-scenes look at how glamorous we are. You’ll also get rad, exclusive-to-Insta interviews and posts.

That’s right: even more feminist freshness. Right now, we’re working on an Instagram Live interview series, hosted by our very own (and very brilliant!) Senti. If you missed it, our first interview featured Senti herself, speaking about Ireland’s recent decision to lift its constitutional ban on abortion. Our second, on June 6th, featured Lotus Lain, a sex worker and activist who serves as industry relations person at the Free Speech Coalition, the adult industry trade organization. Lain schooled us on sex workers’ rights and the seriously scary impact of recently-passed SESTA on the safety and freedom of sex workers.

We’re gonna bring you more Insta live updates, interviews, social-exclusive content, and – if you’re lucky – peeks into our own activism (we do a lot more than delight you with feminist takes).

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Reina Gattuso is passionate about empowering conversations around queerness, sexual ethics, and social movements with equal parts rhapsody and sass. Her writing has appeared at Time, Bitch, attn:, and The Washington Post. She is currently pursuing her masters.

Reina Gattuso writes about her sex life for the good of human kind.

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