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Since we were founded 14 years ago, Feministing has been the place our readers come to get a feminist take on the news of the day.

We pride ourselves in making complex issues accessible and elevating communities and stories made invisible, and one of my favorite formats for that are our Feminist Cheat Sheets.

In our cheat sheets, we share the best of what we’re eading on the interwebs, both on our site and in other publications. Over the past few months, I have had the pleasure of writing these in daily and weekly formats, covering the last few days of tough years and beginning of new ones, honoring elders on their birthdays or critically engaging with days that mark militarism and violence.

I am so excited to share that today there is a new chapter in our Feminist Cheat Sheets: Feministing members will now be receiving them right in their inbox!

Feministing members will now receive a weekly email from a different columnist every week, sharing their thoughts, favorite posts on the site and the smartest coverage of what’s happening in the world from other writers (both established and new!).

If this sounds enticing – and it so is! – and you’re not a member, then you should sign up here. For as little as $5 a month, our members are investing in young queer and women writers and our sustainability. It’s only through our members’ support that we are able to keep our virtual doors open, and we could use every dollar we get.

So say goodbye to cheat sheets on the blog, and say hello to Feministing in your inbox.

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