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Today hearings continue for Trump’s cabinet picks including Secretary of State nominee and ExxonMobil CEO Rex Tillerson, Attorney General nominee and known racist and misogynist Jeff Sessions, and Trump’s appointee for Secretary of Transportation and wife to Republican Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, Elaine Chao. 

Survivors have launched a campaign asking Betsy DeVos, Trump’s pick for Education Secretary, to protect students and enforce Title IX if she is appointed. Thanks to pressure the #DearBetsy campaign and others, several hearings for cabinet appointees – including DeVos’ – have been delayed.

Voting begins today on a budget measure which contains a framework for repealing the Affordable Care Act.

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand announced Tuesday that she will introduce a measure to safeguard key women’s health protections implemented through the Affordable Care Act.

This morning, Trump held his first news conference since the election.

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Juliana is a digital storyteller for social change. As a writer at Feministing since 2013, her work has focused on women's movements throughout the Americas for environmental justice, immigrant rights, and reproductive justice. In addition to her writing, Juliana is a Senior Campaigner at Change.org, where she works to close the gap between the powerful and everyone else by supporting people from across the country to launch, escalate and win their campaigns for justice.

Juliana is a Latina feminist writer and campaigner based in the Bay Area.

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