Here’s Some Feminist Affirmations To Brighten Your Friday

If I’m being totally honest, some days I wake up and I don’t feel that great about myself. Some mornings, I can’t even muster up the energy to get up or go about my daily routine. On days like these–and I’ll admit, today was one of those days for me–we all need to be reminded of our worth, potential, and beauty. That’s why I follow @frizzkidart on Instagram.

Hana Shafi, a Toronto-based illustrator and writer known as the Frizz Kid, posts illustrations from her “Positive Affirmations” series every Monday and Friday. Some days, they’re just what I need to get up in the morning. Her affirmations tell me that it’s natural to carry emotional baggage; my heartache, insecurity, and self-doubt don’t make abnormal. They assure me that my birth marks, stretch marks, crooked teeth, cellulite, and body hair are beautiful, and that “there is no perfect narrative for recovery.” Shafi’s series destigmatizes and normalizes mental illness, encourages women to embrace our complex stories and emotions, and promotes body-positivity and self-love. Here are a few of my favorite affirmations. I hope they’re what you need today.



You Deserve To Have Your Boundaries Respected


Slow Down and Breathe







All images via frizzkidart.

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Barbara is a PhD student in Religious Studies at The University of North Carolina and the co-founder of The Not So Ivory Tower, a blog by and for women of color in academia. She writes about immigration, transnational social movements, and Latinx feminisms. You can peep her work on The Huffington Post, Latina, Vivala, Latino Rebels, and xoJane.

Barbara is a PhD student at UNC. She writes about immigration, transnational social movements, and Latinx feminisms.

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