The Wage Gap Still Exists And No It’s Not Down To Education Levels Or Discrepancies i

Feminism may be seen as to favor women unfairly across every domain and always trying to portray a negative perception as how women are treated in our society but we can be biased but data surely doesn’t lie. A recently completed study by the Economic Policy Institute  which is an economic think tank has again reiterated the notion that women are in actual discriminated against when it comes to wages even if the relative factors like educational levels are taken into account which has long been the crux of the superlative argument presented by anti-feminists as the reason behind the despairing gap between men and women across the board.women stressed at work

The current pay gap widens as we reach the top of the pinnacle of the research as women who are serving in higher paying jobs earning nearly 36% less than their male counterparts with the same qualifications. Taking into account that both of them incurred probably the same amount of college debt and have similar experience levels, the immense gap is reflective of the highly discriminative behavior that the society still uses when it comes to treating both the genders in an equal manner. Women put in much more effort than men when it comes to work as they also have to tend to their homes and children all the while juggling both their personal and professional lives.

Considering the fact that an average women worker is bound to face an estimated loss of nearly $530,000 over the course of her lifetime due to the difference in pay gap and the college educated woman bearing an even bigger dent by losing around $800,000 in the same period due to the same factor, retirement plans and quality of life are to be severely in danger of not being stable. These losses are further subject to sudden economic downturns and characterized by extended periods away from work making it immensely difficult for women to garner economic security for themselves in this current scenario which is one of the biggest concerns facing the modern American woman today as she strives daily to overcome this imposed discrimination onto them for a field where meritocracy is thought to be the ideal.

Motherhood getting penalized economically as women who happen to bear babies receive 4.6% lesser remuneration for their professional efforts than those who don’t, while men get away scot free and do not have to bear a “Fatherhood penalty”, making it difficult for all women across the board to be allowed to integrate themselves into the spending cycles as much as men. It is not just down to ethnicity as women belonging to nearly every class or ethnic group face this phenomenon which I would like to call a “Blanket Discrimination Campaign” designed to usurp economic power in favor of them masculine gender.

Recently an incident came to the fore when a school student Kaitlyn Juvik was apparently reprimanded by her male teacher and Principal for not wearing a bra and was asked to “Dress appropriately” for school which sparked a school-wide campaign in which fellow female students joined in to support her stance on being able to retain the facility to choose what to wear and what not while simultaneously disallowing her misogynist male counterparts to dictate her clothing styles. The reason for telling you about this incident was to inform you about the misogynist views that still have a strong following in our society and whether it is choosing not to wear a bra under a cropped top or to wanting to earn a good amount of money to improve their chances of getting economic security, women have to fight for their rights to get them and hence the feminist debate. Mr. Trump is just a caricature of what has plagued us since a long time, he is not the culprit, it is the mindset behind it that makes him utter those anti-women comments every now and then unequivocally. Make no mistake, this will continue until we put down ourselves and demand our right to self-determination and equality and make the future for upcoming women safer and secure in all aspects.

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