Here’s How You Can Help Make the Senate a Little Bluer

Now that we have had some time to deal with the despair, we remember the words of our wise friends: Don’t cry, organize.

And while most of the fights that will happen in the next couple years will be at the grassroots level, there is one more chance in this election cycle to make the Senate a little bluer: Louisiana’s Foster Campbell.

Due to its wonky Senate election cycle (remember that weird-ass closed-doors debate with the white supremacist?), the people of Louisiana will vote for their new Senator on December 10. The race is currently between Democrat Foster Campbell and Republican John Kennedy (…not that John Kennedy). While every Louisiana state public office holder besides the governor is republican, Governor John Bel Edwards also enjoyed a long-shot victory last year, so a Campbell victory is definitely within the realm of possibility. 

Campbell, winningly described by The Hill as a “jovial cattle rancher” is your straight-talking white uncle who loves God and believes you should have equal pay. He taught school and now sells insurance, and once said, “I have nothing in common with David Duke other than we’re probably breathing,” which is the kind of funny thing my dad would say.

Campbell served on Louisiana’s Public Service Commission, where he managed to win some admirable populist victories against utilities companies. He ended the overcharging of incarcerated people’s telephone calls; prohibited utilities companies from turning off power for those who couldn’t pay during extreme weather conditions; and successfully won utilities concessions for domestic violence survivors. That’s super cool!

Campbell’s platform includes much of the standard center-left democratic fare, such as refinancing student loans, lowering in-state public tuitions, and reforming the Affordable Care Act. But he also manages to get some zingers in there — for example, he includes his call for universal preschool is cleverly in his platform for people with disabilities, and he’s all for raising the minimum wage. 

Now, two downers are true. One, Campbell is currently facing an uphill climb, having lost to Kennedy by 7 percentage points in the primary. Two, even if Campbell wins, the Senate is still gonna be majority Republican.

However, 1) We all know who else was facing an uphill climb in the polls, and recently won the presidency. So if The Animated Tangerine can do it, we can do it too. And 2) A 49-51 Senate is definitely better than a Senate of 48-52 — especially when it comes to those big scary bills that need 60 Senate votes.

Kennedy’s republican bro crew is already flooding the state for votes, so we gotta get our boots on the ground. Give the guy five bucks — or maybe you’re a guilty liberal banker, in which case give him fifty. And sign up to do some virtual or on-the-ground (hey Southerners, what’s up) canvassing. It’s better than endlessly refreshing twitter or agonizing about whether you should wear a safety pin.

While you’re at it, check out Keith Ellison’s bid for DNC chair — supported by our dear old friend Bernie Sanders, who’s been circulating a petition for Ellison, as well. The Guardian describes Ellison “progressive;” Fox describes him as a “left-wing congressman…who once called for Dick Cheney’s impeachment.” Cool!

In conclusion: Goooo Louisiana! Goooo people canvassing and donating in Louisiana! We can do it!

Reina Gattuso is passionate about empowering conversations around queerness, sexual ethics, and social movements with equal parts rhapsody and sass. Her writing has appeared at Time, Bitch, attn:, and The Washington Post. She is currently pursuing her masters.

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