Introducing New Team Members and Saying Goodbye to Alexandra

We’ve got good news and sad news for you today — one goodbye but many more hellos.

First, the sad news: our wonderful Alexandra is leaving the site. Words can’t express how lucky we’ve been to have her as a member of our crew. Since she came into our life as a winner of the Feministing “So You Think You Can Blog” contest four years ago, we’ve been honored and proud to call her a colleague and friend. From spearheading a national conversation around campus sexual assault, to encouraging us to dream big, to fostering critical dialogue around feminist contemporary literature, to being a supportive member of the Feministing fam, Alexandra has given us so much, so generously. We’re immensely proud of everything she’s accomplished, and are excited to watch her continue to fight the good fight in the months and years ahead.

Next, we’re thrilled to welcome some new members to our crew! You may have seen some of their writing on the site already, and you should expect more smart feminist commentary from them in the future. Read about their backgrounds below and be sure to give them some love in the comments and on Twitter.

837b25b3f5379775d6a11cd659b51baaCassie da Costa

Cassie da Costa is a writer who focuses on moving image and performance. She’s based in Brooklyn and works as a member of The New Yorker’s editorial staff while also producing the magazine’s video podcast, The Front Row, featuring film critic Richard Brody.





1016007_10152352001180763_4950116780199445295_oBarbara Sostaita

Barbara is a PhD student in Religious Studies at The University of North Carolina. She studies and writes about the lives and experiences of Latinx migrants in the United States, their faith communities and practices, and how they claim space and belonging in their host societies. She’s also an organizer and activist and works with various organizations focused on immigration, gender, and higher education in the Southeast. Find her on Twitter @BarbaraSostaita.


IMG_20160217_170012Meg Sri

Meg is a second year law student at Stanford Law, interested in gender justice, criminal justice reform, and international human rights. She’s been an editor at her undergrad campus newspaper, The Amherst Student, an intern with the death penalty abolitionist organization Reprieve, an activist for campus reform, and a research assistant in issue areas like post-colonialism, South Asia, anarchism, queer activism and political theory. In her free time Meg likes yelling about the sports they play in the Commonwealth on Twitter, bouldering, befriending other people’s pet animals, drinking copious quantities of wine, and reading about the history and anthropology of her favorite foods on Wikipedia.

unnamedQuita Tinsley

Quita Tinsley is a fat, Black, queer femme who writes, organizes, and builds toward liberatory and sustainable change in her home in the South of the U.S. She is a member of Echoing Ida and serves on the Board of Directors for Access Reproductive Care – Southeast.





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