Feministing is Celebrating Our 12th Birthday with #Preteenfeminist and you’re invited

Feministing will be 12 next week! Over a decade of feminist blogging makes us official preteens and we’re so ready for the world of crushes (Orange is the New Black cast, we’re looking at you), dramatic reactions to otherwise dull events (our presidential election coverage could get interesting), and identity building.

We’ve already started celebrating this important milestone – we’re basically starting middle school – and we want you to join us! It’s 2016, so we wouldn’t be budding new millennials without causing a splash on social media. Last month, we launched our official Instagram account (@feministingdotcom) and we’re using it for our birthday celebration. If you already follow us, you probably saw the hilariously fierce picture of our Operations Manager as a #preteenfeminist. Keeping up with the middle school theme, we asked our team for pics of themselves as pre-teens. We will continue to introduce you to the Feministing crew using throwbacks throughout next week.

But we want you to get in on this, too! If you’re on Instagram (or Twitter), upload a picture of yourself as a #preteenfeminist (or dressed up as one) using the hashtag to celebrate Feministing’s birthday. Don’t forget to tag us, we might give you a shoutout!

You can also help us start middle school with all the resources we need, by donating $12 to Feministing today! Your help keeps us accessible and helps us pay our writers what they deserve. Your support is really the best gift a #preteenfeminist site can ask for.

Feministing's resident "sexpert", Sesali is a published writer and professional shit talker. She is a queer Black girl, fat girl, and trainer. She was the former Training Director at the United States Student Association and later a member of the Youth Organizing team at Planned Parenthood Federation of America. She received her bachelors in Women's and Gender Studies from Depaul University in 2012 and is currently pursuing a master's in Women's, Gender, and Sexuality studies at Georgia State University in Atlanta. A self identified "trap" feminist, and trained with a reproductive justice background, her interests include the intersections of feminism and: pop culture, youth culture, social media, hip hop, girlhood, sexuality, race, gender, and Beyonce. Sesali joined the team in 2010 as one of the winners of our So You Think You Can Blog contest.

is Feministing's resident sexpert and cynic.

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