New Favorite Twitter: @femscriptintros

How did you first meet JANE?

Hollywood producer Ross Putnam sees a lot of script with a lot of cringeworthy introductions to female characters. Now, he’s sharing them on his new Twitter account, @femscriptintros. Each character’s name has been replaced with “JANE,” which might be jarring if all of the intros didn’t seem to describe exactly the same woman: casually beautiful, “as adorable as she is sexy.”

You know how much I love One Direction-style “you don’t know you’re beautiful” beauty standards. And how every woman loves a daily naked bed dance.

Check out Ross’s Twitter here.


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Alexandra Brodsky was a senior editor at During her four years at the site, she wrote about gender violence, reproductive justice, and education equity and ran the site's book review column. She is now a Skadden Fellow at the National Women's Law Center and also serves as the Board Chair of Know Your IX, a national student-led movement to end gender violence, which she co-founded and previously co-directed. Alexandra has written for publications including the New York Times, the Atlantic, the Guardian, and the Nation, and she is the co-editor of The Feminist Utopia Project: 57 Visions of a Wildly Better Future. She has spoken about violence against women and reproductive justice at campuses across the country and on MSNBC, ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, FOX, ESPN, and NPR.

Alexandra Brodsky was a senior editor at

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