Quick Hit: Megan Amram Explains Science to Ladies

Ever wanted to learn about science and then realized, whoops! I can’t understand science — I’m a lady!

Comedian Megan Amram has your back.

In her new series, “Experimenting with Megan Amram,” which premiered today, Amram explains important concepts like whether there is a Miami in England and what scientists ought to be doing in wind tunnels. It’s for Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls initiative, a site devoted to empowering teenage girls to be brilliant and fabulous, because duh. The series is a spin-off on Amram’s Very Serious and Technical 2014 book Science…for Her!, in which she elucidates profound and important scientific concepts in the helpful style of a woman’s magazine for those of us with small brains and big roving wombs.

The video is five minutes long, so you can watch it while you paint your nails, go grocery shopping, or give your boyfriend a blowjob.

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