Social expectations of women

At first glance the social expectations placed upon women in this modern era are non-existent. However with deeper analysis we can understand that women are expected to maintain certain behaviural standards to class themselves as a woman. There is no wrong way to be a woman; however exceeding pressures placed upon us by the media constantly remind us that this is not true. We are either subtly told we are too fat, thin, spotty, slutty, frigid or even unladylike. Whichever swing we may choose to take with our appearances there will always be somebody telling us we are going about being women in the wrong way. It is time we started teaching young women that however they choose to look they are not doing anything wrong. We need to tell them that if they don’t look like the girl on the front of the magazine, that is through no fault of their own. But through the fault of the indoctrination of unrealistic beauty standards from the media. Girls need to understand that whether or not they look like the model in the magazine, they are still beautiful and should never compare themselves to somebody else when their own body is just as incredible.

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I am a 17 year old student living in a remote village in England. I am a passionate feminist and LGBTQA supporter. I believe in equality for all as a basic human right. I do not believe in women overpowering men; but women equalling mens opportunities in every aspect of their lives

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