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Photos of the Day: Multimedia series shines light on queer people of color

“Queer Icons” is a beautiful art series looking to reframe who we idolize, and who we see as noble and powerful. Gabriel García Román, the Mexican American artist behind this series, shines a light on queer people of color by photographing them and then giving them beautiful, almost religious halos. “My images are visually giving power to a group of people that are generally disempowered. I want young people to see these images and see them as an example of someone powerful and noble that they can become,” Román told Fusion’s Jorge Rivas.

Read more about the series, or check out Román’s website for more beautiful images.

A mixed brown woman with curly hair looks out from a red background.

Vivian, Queer Icons

A light-skinned black woman with short hair looks out with a bold look on her face. She holds her hand, covered in henna.

Julissa, Queer Icons

A curvy Latina woman poses stiffly with glasses and a shock of purple hair. The purple background behind her is covered in writing.

Sonia, Queer Icons

See more of Román’s work here.

Header image: Sidra, Tamara, Sassy.

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Juliana is a Latina feminist writer and campaigner based in the Bay Area.

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