Reasons Why Cat-Calls Aren’t Flattering

You’re Harassing me.

Telling someone walking down the street that they have a “sweet ass” from your car window is nothing close to a compliment. By doing that you’re making women both annoyed and uncomfortable. Even when you do that, do you expect the woman to walk up to you and have sex with you because of the gross comment you yelled out to her? Nope. 

cat calls

It’s Embarrassing 

Saying extremely inappropriate things to innocent women minding their own business while going about their day does not make them feel good. Once they find out that they are being wolf-whistled at, they feel embarrassed because people have the audacity to say such disgusting things to a person.

street harassment

It dehumanizes the individual being catcalled.

Treating women like they are a piece of meat doesn’t make them feel like they are being treated as a human being. Take note on this one because no one likes feeling less than human at all. It shows assertion of male dominance and gives a dis-empowering vibe to female existence.


It’s just plain creepy and scary.

I remember seeing many articles and other news reports about the consequences that some people had to face because they didn’t accept the disgusting and vulgar language that was being tossed out at them. Women have literally died because they did not accept a complete stranger’s catcall.


There was a story that was in the news in September of 2013, a young male that was twenty-one years old pulled his car up to a fourteen-year-old girl and offered her two-hundred dollars to have sex with him. When she denied his grotesque request, he brutally assaulted her by: kidnapping her, choking her until she lost consciousness, and then ran her over with his car. The victim thankfully survived, and the man that did that is in jail.

cats against cat calls

Catcalls are not compliments. Compliments make people feel good and do not put them at risk for injury or death. Catcalls on the other hand do that, and street harassment does not make people feel good.

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