10 female revolutionaries they didn’t teach you in history class

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After Pancho Villa refused to promote her to General, Mexican revolutionary Petra Herrera left to form her own all-female brigade of soldaderas.

This is pretty much the only feminist list that you’ll ever need to read again. WhizzPast has created a list of 10 revolutionary women that are often excluded from popular historical narratives

Some of the women featured include Nwanyeruwa, a Nigerian woman who started a movement to challenge “looming taxes and the unchecked authority of warrant chiefs” in the 1920s — a protest that has been invoked as the first major challenge to British authority in West Africa. Sophie Scholl was a founding member of the non-violent, anti-Nazi group, the White Rose, which used leaflets and graffiti to resist Hitler. Puerto Rican Nationalist Blanca Canales is one of the few women in history to have led a revolt against the United States.

Credit for transformative movements and ideologies often goes to men, who were uplifted as leaders because… sexism. But this list offers some much-needed nuance and perspective on the role of women in our revolutionary history. Check out the rest here.

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