The man who killed Mike Brown is named Darren Wilson

Ferguson PO

This morning Ferguson Police Chief Thomas Jackson finally named the officer who shot and killed the unarmed Mike Brown: Darren Wilson. Wilson had been with the force for six years and had no disciplinary record — whatever that means when the people judging your behavior also think it’s fine to respond to protests with tear gas, rubber bullets, and dogs.

In a move as infuriating as it was unsurprising, Jackson tried to cast aspersions on the 18-year-old victim’s character with a convoluted and seemingly unrelated story about a “strongarm robbery” that occurred around the same time. The victim-blaming tactic is cruel and dishonest; it’s clear the Chief sees police brutality as a PR problem to be spun away, rather than a crisis of justice. This goes without saying, but despite Jackon’s attempts to subtly link the two events, there isn’t any reason to think Brown was involved in the robbery — but even if he were, execution isn’t the punishment for stealing.

Alexandra Brodsky is an editor at, student at Yale Law School, and co-director of Know Your IX. 

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    If the officer thought Brown were involved in a robbery, the incident wouldn’t have started the way it did. The Chief’s inclusion of that detail was such a hamfisted, pitiful attempt at a diversion, and it was obvious that he was very, very uncomfortable while speaking, with lots of stuttering and long pauses.

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