Everybody Does It

The sexual revolution started over forty years ago, but female sexuality is still a taboo subject. In Everybody Does It, a short film by Megan Brotherton, this taboo subject is explored. This film opens up a conversation about sexuality that is long overdue. It also deals with the universal issues of shame and self-acceptance. Claire is unknowingly ashamed of her own sexuality, and it has affected both her physical and mental well-being. Claire embarks on a courageous journey of excruciating vulnerability, ultimately leading to self-acceptance and independence. No longer reliant on men for her sexual gratification and free of her family’s sexual repression, Claire takes her power back. Her struggles along the way are equally hilarious and moving.

Megan Brotherton, wrote, is starring in, and is directing Everybody Does it. We have a very talented cast on board including, Eugene Cordero (Kroll Show,  Playing House, Silicon Valley, Hawaii Five-O, House of Lies), Jacob Reed (Tremendosaur, NOMO FOMO, Kill Me Now, FunnyorDie Exclusives), and Rebecca Drysdale (Orange is The New Black, 30 Rock, Key and Peele). This is an important story to be told and it needs your support. We have to stick together to make this story come to life.

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