Not Another Pretty Face: A Film about Gender Inequality in Film

Today I launched my Kickstarter campaign for Not Another Pretty Face, a film about gender inequality in Hollywood. Various producers are currently tip-toeing around the idea of donating money to the campaign but I know I need the support of blogs like this to get my movie made.
I don’t want to sit back and just have an opinion. As a man I don’t want to just mind my words and conduct. I want to help bring the incredible talented women I know into the positions they are qualified for. I want to inspire women and men as well as shame and embarrass misogynists by making them look in the mirror.
I made the decision to crowd fund this movie just after the Oscar’s when I heard Kate Blanchett’s speech after winning best actress for her role in Blue Jasmine. After that I knew I wanted to be part of the solution, to support women in my industry, and make some kind of stride towards change. 
Since that time till now I’ve seen the how so many blogs have written or shared articles on the topic of gender inequality and this has only fueled my fire and ambition to put myself out there. Just a few days ago Lina Alexander popularized the hash tag #hirethesewomen so this movement shows no signs of slowing. I think cinema is the best form of content to confront this or any issue. Here is a link to our Kickstarter and Facebook page:
This is going to be my third short film, I’ve been produced as the writer of the feature Area 407 and next year will be produced again for Shewolf, a transgender horror film.
Here’s a synopsis of Not Another Pretty Face:

Not Another Pretty Face follows Donna, a beautiful model, aspiring actress, and recent college grad on the hunt for positive female roles in film. Disregarding the pressures from her family to pursue a secure career, she flounders between casting calls and rejections in roles that either objectify her or don’t suit her “type”. Donna becomes a vehicle to examine gender inequality in front and behind the camera. Through her we confront misogyny during production and in private affairs. This is a feminist film for everyone. Eventually, Donna accidentally auditions for a psychologically complex male role and leaves such an impression on the producers that they change the role to a woman and cast her.

Through visual imagery, dialogue, and character we will create a film that empowers women and men and serves as an example to production companies on the proper way to think. Satire is the perfect method of examining and making fun of the current traditions in Hollywood. From satirically objectifying men, to fantasy scenes breaking various gender roles, to exploring the modeling and acting industries; Not Another Pretty Face will make you think and entertain you.

Our ethos in the creation of this film is that we will not stand idly by as women are oppressed in any fashion, as filmmakers we will offer everything we have and know to push for equality. Film sets should be safe havens for all involved.

I want my film to get made. I want our message to be heard. And I need all the support I can get.

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