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We stand with Jose Antonio Vargas.

R. Kelly’s ex-wife has wonderful things to say about supporting their trans son.

For fuck’s sake. Criminalization of parenthood much?

Feministing alum Miriam Perez on a new movement in medical education to teach doctors about the systems and structures that impact people’s health.

We will not be divided. We will continue fighting together—from Chicago’s South Side to the Gaza Strip to Central America’s Northern Triangle—holding accountable all who help to line the pockets of those who profit from our suffering.”

Japanese artist Megumi Igarashi was arrested for distributing 3D data of her vagina in order to build a vagina boat.

Apparently, people still freak out about giving a kid their mother’s last name.

Legal scholars and civil rights groups are urging the President not to include a broad religious exemption in the proposed LGBT employment discrimination executive order.

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