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Is gay pride just for white people?

“Meanwhile, us Nigerian and Black women are speaking to our collective anger and frustration because of a global society that deems our bodies and lives disposable and irrelevant.”

Meet Esther Mbabazi, Rwanda’s first female pilot.

Latinas within the Obama presidency.

On being a “bad feminist“.

The U.S. is caging mothers at exponential rates.

“All this disingenuous kerfuffle over birth control is just another in a long line of strategies to attack both the Affordable Care Act generally and the birth control benefit specifically.”

The glamourous black women before Beyonce and Lupita.

When we think of great conservationists, or just ordinary Americans trekking in the outdoors, we don’t typically picture black faces.

How not to interview a female CEO.

The many ways George Will is all wrong.

Surprise! Women prefer positive images of women.

Instagram is filled with racist images of white people posing in front of Kara Walker’s Sphinx.

Gnarly in pink: a crew of badass 6 year old skateboarders.

Who has spoken out against the R*dskins?

I’m from Driftwood“: collecting oral histories of LGBTQ people across the United States.

In the aftermath of rape.

Anti-sex trafficking in Ireland.

New York State has been sued because of its trans-exclusionary Medicaid regulation.

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  1. Posted June 30, 2014 at 1:37 am | Permalink

    History lesson time:

    That cute link of pics of well dressed dykes heavily features Alix Dobkin, one of the major figures in the effort to force Sandy Stone out of Olivia Records for being trans. This was one of the most well-known of the various efforts to purge the lesbian world of trans women. This was one of the foundational events that also brought Janice Raymond in to a position of greater community power and only a short time later was in the necessary position to collude with Senator Jesse Helms in instituting the trans medical exclusions that we are only this very moment beginning to undo after more than thirty years. Knowing who that care-free smile belongs to is important. Imagine how many more care-free smiles of trans people we lost over the decades because of the additional burdens they had to bear at the hands of Dobkin and her ilk.

    tl/dr: Your cute vintage fashion link sucks and you probably don’t even know it.

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