My beef with the Gender Police

I have a few issues I’d like to talk about. One of those issues being some certain sub-groups of feminists about the internet who feel as if they can use the banner of feminism to perpetuate their own bigoted ideas on gender and sexuality. I run my own feminism and sexuality discussion group on Facebook, and while it is still very small and rather new, I have not had to delete or remove anyone. I have not encountered any uncivilized commentary going on, and I am very proud of my group for that. 

Last night, I was added to a certain (group who shall not be named) on facebook, and was utterly appalled at the lack of decency towards each other, the complete and utter transphobia and sexism going on sent me into a rage. Something I’m not particularly proud of to be completely honest with you. To make the story short, I will just say I called them out on it, but I was immediately banned and my comments were removed.

As a feminist, I don’t feel as if I have the right to police gender. I don’t feel it is right for me to decide who is female, male, whatever gender they say they are. I don’t have some sort of badge I’m born with just because I have an unmodified lady part.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that, while I knew these people existed and were using the banner of feminism to perpetuate these sick beliefs, It was never as in my face as it has been the last few days, just like #killallmen, and all these other terrible things going on in the name of feminism, I think it’s time we take a look at each other and what we can do to perhaps correct some of these wrong-doings.

Disclaimer: This post was written by a Feministing Community user and does not necessarily reflect the views of any Feministing columnist, editor, or executive director.

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