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Remembering Freedom Summer.

A woman died in jail while serving a sentence for her kids’ unpaid school fines.

Native victims in Alaskan rural communities lack access to domestic violence shelters.

Hillary Clinton’s perspective on same-sex marriage has shifted, as it has for many Americans.

“Telling girls to ‘cover up’ just as puberty hits teaches them that their bodies are inappropriate, dangerous, violable, subject to constant scrutiny and judgment, including by the adults they trust.”

The Department of Health and Human Services decision to overturn the ban on Medicare coverage for gender-confirming surgeries is hardly a final triumph for the trams community.

It’s this simple: more guns, more violence.
Modern Family‘s role in changing our perception of modern fatherhood.

A victory for hotel and hospitality workers in New York City.

Women ignoring men in art history.

There’s a whole lot of unnecessary fuss over the act breastfeeding in public.

Change the name.

“I’ve worked with TED for a really long time. No man has ever said to me, I’m not ready to speak, but for TED Women you are part of a long list of women who have denied me by saying they’re not ready.’”

An OB/GYN’s letter to George Will about campus rape and her own rape.

Tavi forever.

The young black Latino exodus you’ve probably never heard about.

A growing number of religious leaders are putting themselves between individuals at risk and the authorities that want them removed.

A deeper look at the purity ball father-daughter portraits.

What are you reading/writing/watching/listening to this week?

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