Feministing Follow Friday: End Abortion Stigma, Vol. II

Twitter, Feministing style

Last week, inspired by Obvious Child, we put together a list of activists, organizers, and projects working to end abortion stigma. Here are five more to follow.

  • Exhale Pro-Voice (@ExhaleProVoice): Exhale creates a social climate where each person’s unique experience w/ abortion is supported, respected & free from stigma.#Provoice=storysharing+listening
  • Pro-Choice Resources (@pcrbbmn): PCR is a wide-ranging, grassroots organization working to provide a full span of reproductive health services.
  • Heather Ault (@heatherault): Artist, activist, creative thinker, dreamer, and idea maker. I’m passionate about abortion rights and reducing the stigma though empowering history and images.
  • Bay Area Doula Project (@BADPtweets): Committed to increasing access to nonjudgmental, compassionate & empowering support during the full spectrum of #reproductive experience, w/ a focus on abortion
  • Steph Herold (@StephHerold): Deputy Director, @SeaChangeProg. Social scientist, pitbull lover, abortion funder. White/Jewish/Brazilian American. INFJ. Married to @yahel. Views = mine.

Leave recommendations for next week in the comments. We’re particularly interested in local groups tweeting about their on-the-ground organizing. And, of course, follow @feministing.


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