Weekly Feminist Reader

More on Maya Angelou’s funeral.

Good news: the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled against an Arizona law that restricted the use of abortion-inducing medications.

Kiera Wilmot, the school-to-prison pipeline, and the consequences of criminalizing school discipline.

The women reporters who covered World War II.

The danger of using simplistic and outdated understandings of biology to perpetuate ideas about trans women.

Honoring Dr. Tiller’s legacy.

Yes, we should all be feminists, but too often we believe that the plight of the oppressed is solely the business of the oppressed.”

Missouri’s extreme new abortion law.

Inside the New York Civil Liberty Union’s call to action on the real jail and set location for Orange is the New Black.

Seattle has approved a $15 minimum wage.

Seven lies we have to stop telling about Latina women in America.

“Rachel Jeantel unwittingly became a proxy for pitched cultural debate, a stand-in for projections about race and class.”

On being trans in Cuba.

Is Maleficent breaking down gender stereotypes within Disney?

Resurfacing a conversation on women of color and faith.

Pharrell’s native blood doesn’t excuse his headdress.

“My Stealth Freedom.”

Tattoos after breast cancer.

“To say that Obvious Child is the most honest film about abortion ever made isn’t to say much at all, because it has no real competition.”

Really important feminist news: #OITNB, as told by cats.

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