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Plan B is available for $17 on Amazon right now — stock up! Thanks for the heads-up @naraltx!

This is why a rape survivor might not go to the police: “If you want to go to the police, this is what to expect: You’ll be verbally abused. But at least no one will yell at you for not going to the police and getting verbally abused. Just take your pick.”

Why literature still needs more non-white, non-male heroes.

Poor women are not having babies for money.

Brittney Cooper calls bullshit on bell hooks’ comments about Beyonce.

“Photographs of pretty people are nice, but they are not porn.”

Read an excerpt from Rebecca Solnit’s new bookMen Explain Things to Me, at TomDispatch.

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Maya Dusenbery is an Executive Director in charge of Editorial at Feministing. She is the author of the forthcoming book Doing Harm: The Truth About How Bad Medicine and Lazy Science Leave Women Dismissed, Misdiagnosed, and Sick (HarperOne, March 2018). She has been a fellow at Mother Jones magazine and a columnist at Pacific Standard. Before become a full-time writer, she worked at the National Institute for Reproductive Health. A Minnesota native, she received her B.A. from Carleton College in 2008.

Maya Dusenbery is an Executive Director of Feministing in charge of Editorial.

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