Weekly Feminist Reader

Queering sex-ed: what you need to know about sex between cis women.

It’s time to abolish the Asian American model minority myth.

Swooning over Sonia Sotomayor.

“For too long, we, black gurls, have moved though the world with the imposed burden of being unlovable and undesirable.”

Why “race-blind” admissions are affirmative action for white people.

Feminist Fatigue™.

The media’s ongoing women problem.

Brown University is letting a rapist who choked his victim back on campus after a one-month suspension.

Black female debate team is first to win national championship.

Revisiting the 1970s murder of Native American activist Anna Mae Aquash.

In global health, abortion bears the “scarlet A”.

Uber: mapping privilege.

A South Carolina Town Council pushes back after the Mayor fired the openly gay police chief.

“Fun Home,” a play about a lesbian coming out to her closeted gay dad, heads to College of Charleston and might prompt Republican officials to cut $52,000 from the university budget.

Why is nothing being done about the 234 kidnapped girls in Nigeria?

Minneapolis has changed Columbus Day to Indigenous People’s Day.

Chelsea Clinton’s pregnancy gives birth to new conspiracies.

Thank you Internet, for this response to codebabes.com: codedicks.com.

Deconstructing Native American tropes.

Questlove on how hip hop failed black America.

New video series is taking on Asian fetishes.

Organizing after violence: a conversation with Dean Spade, Cece McDonald, and Reina Gossett.

New York City now protects interns against sexual harassment, but with one major loophole.

Keeping it queer in the suburbs.

What have you been reading/writing/watching/listening to this week?

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