Happiness & Healing Day in honor of Sexual Assault Awareness Month

On April 11, 2014 in New York City, the Rising Minds Foundation presented Happiness & Healing Day, an empowering and uplifting event in honor of Sexual Assault Awareness Month created to strengthen and encourage survivors of sexual abuse.

Happiness & Healing Day featured a performances by Stephanie Foltz, Zoe Becker, Ebony Warner, Gabriel Gitman, and the Rising Minds Foundation CEO & Founder, Amber Amour. They presented Eve Ensler’s empowering poem entitled, “My Short Skirt,” along with poetic monologues written by Maya Angelou and Ebony Warner.

In addition to the powerful performances, the Rising Minds Foundation featured two Happy Healers who used their talent & knowledge to uplift the masses. Carmen Pena, Author, Life Coach, Speaker, and Founder of Life Consultants International, coached and mentored people in personal & professional development and growth, encouraging them to dream BIG. Also featured was Melissa Miranda, the Founder of Miracles Within Us, who read positive Angelic Healing Messages to those attending the event.

Following the performance, the Rising Minds Foundation performers, speakers, and supporters, marched & danced as a group from Washington Square Park to the world famous Stonewall Inn for an empowerment concert by singer songwriter, Rogue Re Vera & ukuleleist, Amber Amour. Their uplifting songs reminded survivors of sexual assault of the power that lies within them and encouraged to rise above their previous experiences.

Rising Minds is an innovative movement to create social change through artistic performances. Based in cities across the world, Rising Minds originated in New York City and was created by a group of artists and activists who strive to enlighten and empower the masses.

Our mission is to break down the walls of race, gender, sexual orientation, and religion, and to see each other as mere human beings. We invoke thought, incite social change, and spread a message of oneness and unity across the world through a variety of creative outlets.

If you are an artist or activist & would like to get involved, join the grandest Revolution of Love today by emailing us at risingmindsfoundation@gmail.com or following us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/risingmindsfoundation. 

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Amber Amour is the CEO & Founder of Rising Minds Foundation and is an activist who uses creativity to unite and inspire change. She is a playwright, poet, director, actress, producer, and songwriter who uses her eloquence to address important issues in society. Thus far her works have addressed homelessness, women's rights, LGBTQ issues, family dynamics, human sexuality, domestic violence among an array of various other topics. For more information about Amber Amour, follow her on Facebook at www.facebook.com/loveamberamour and on Instagram @amberinternational

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