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New campaign works to humanize horrifying reproductive rights statistics.

On Tuesday, activists will gather before the Supreme Court as it takes up two challenges to the contraception coverage mandate and decides whether your birth control is your boss’s business. Tomorrow, join us and repro health advocates for a digital Google Hangout rally!

Birth control is for people who don’t necessarily want to act responsibly.” – Another male government official.

On historically black churches and LGBT allyship.

“Police abuse is part of the life of prostitution.”

Racism 2.0: The rise of visibility around microaggressions.

Trying to “rescue” sex workers by arresting them is a horrible, horrible idea.

Why a dearth of women in foreign policy matters.

On the fucked up and illogical Republican rhetoric about “modern ladies making their modern way in the modern world“.

“A Beyoncé concert is a world run totally by girls, and by that I mean women.”

The sexualization of the middle school girl.

This is what 80 looks like.” -Gloria Steinem.

Learning how to negotiate salary before you just “lean in”.

Fourteen disturbing facts about racial inequality in American public schools.

“Code-and-treating” in school systems, and how it’s keeping young women out of STEM.

Letting go of Cool Girl Feminism.

“I was sure my self-destructive behavior was unconnected to anything that had happened to me: I was a survivor, dammit.”

The dangers of fat-shaming in the medical world.

Can women stand their ground? On Marissa Alexander and a gendered look at Stand Your Ground laws.

Georgia needs help: a look into Atlanta’s food deserts.

And what’s happening to education within growing immigrant youth populations in Georgia.

The intersection of social media and sexual assault in Jordan.

Janet Mock is leading a Google Hangout  this week with other trans women writers!

Yet another experience of sexism in the tech world.

The cost of kale and what it says about food gentrification.

What have you been reading/writing/watching/listening to this week? 

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