Feministing Jamz video of the week: JLo – I Luh Ya Papi

our mudflap girl, jammin on her headphones

Were you looking for a little lunchtime Jennifer Lopez deconstruction of sexist double standards with a hefty side of sexy dudes? Well y’all, I gotchu.

My dear friend and former Feminising writer Pérez pointed out how incredible it is that (as of this writing) over 11 million people have watched this: “stealth Latina feminism for the win.” Indeed, P.

And listen, before I get lectured on the value of objectification of any kind, or the remaining objectification of women in this video, or the late capitalist fantasy in which this video plays out…let’s remember that this is JLo and ain’t nobody tryna say she’s bell hooks. But she’s saying something worthwhile here – while placing worth on the voices of women of color vs. that of the silly white director man – and I’m just enjoying this for what it is.

Plus, this song is ripe for summer playlists. I can see myself on the beach already…

1bfea3e7449eff65a94e2e55a8b7acda-bpfullVerónica is so, so, excited for the summer.


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