Vintage sexism: 20 things men don’t like about women in the office

This gem comes from a 1945 book by Thomas D. Horton called What Men Don’t Like About Women:

things men don't like about women in the office

The book — which was praised in ads from the time as daring and brave, along with the perhaps unnecessary warning, “Don’t read it to a woman” – does not limit itself to the workplace. As @Sophie_Gadd, who stumbled across this find, notes on Twitter, Horton is amazingly specific and comprehensive. Curious why women are the worst as drinkers, friends’ wives, and even walking companions? Did it even occur to you that how you date your letters could be such a source of annoyance to men? Now you do!

(h/t Jezebel)

Maya DusenberyMaya is dying to know what kinds of assumptions about lunch were happening in 1945.

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