Feministing Follow Friday: Feminist Teachers, Vol. I

Twitter, Feministing style

What if every kid learned how to create a more just world sometime between science lab and algebra? Here are five teachers bringing the feminist gospel to their classrooms.

  • Ileana Jiménez (@feministteacher): Educator and activist. Feminism, LGBT issues, diversity and inclusion in schools. Distinguished Fulbright Award in Teaching. Founder of #HSfeminism
  • Amber Lewis (@amblewis): High school history, geography, and women’s & gender studies teacher.
  • Christina Jenkins (@jenksbyjenks): Design, cartography, pcomp, feminism, illustrated fiction, outdoor ed. I practice those things in http://www.roomfourzerotwo.com  at the NYC iSchool.
  • Anon Teacher (@AnonTeacher82): Natural gal. Child-free teacher. When I grow up, I want to be a #twitterstorian.
  • Dena Simmons (@DenaSimmons): Bronxite, Activist, Educator, Student, Diversity Trainer, Researcher on bullying with the goal of making schools & hospitals more inclusive and safer for all.

Leave recommendations for next week in the comments! We’re particularly interested in activists covering their work on the ground. And of course follow @feministing.


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  1. Posted March 14, 2014 at 1:59 pm | Permalink

    I’m an adjunct at Univ. Of North Georgia. I teach sociology…and had a student tell me I made her an activist today. One of my proudest moments. She probably has no idea how much my heart swelled.

    And of course I love feministing (though I rarely comment).

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