Happy Birthday Suzanna!

Wagatwe, Suzanna, and Alexandra

Suzanna with Wagatwe and Alexandra

Today is Suzanna’s birthday!

Suzanna Bobadilla is our new interviews contributor. She’s been posting great conversations, including ones with Samantha Geimer, author and the woman caught in the firestorm of the Polanski rape case, writer and organizer Suey Park, Senator Gretchen Whitmer, Sunny Clifford, the subject of Young Lakota, Anna Saini from The Red Umbrella Diaries, planetary scientist Sara Seager, Law and Order: SVU star Mariska Hargatay, and our former Executive Editor Samhita.

Suzanna’s also one of the badass organizers working to end campus sexual assault who have gotten the federal government, including the White House, to take action.

Here’s some fun facts about Suzanna: she had a brief stint as a competitive childhood chess player. While it only lasted one tournament, it did result in her family dog being named “Check-Mate.” She’s fascinated by historical archives. Some of her favorite research projects include the 20th century Puerto Rican migration to Hawaii and collecting her grandmother’s letters from her honeymoon adventure from Boston to Buenos Aires in 1939-41. And she still sends handwritten letters. Suzanna watched copious amounts of both General Hospital and Oprah in her youth, and maintains that GH taught her most of what she knows about love, sex, and war, while Oprah taught her how to ask questions and deal with people jumping on the furniture.

Please join me and the whole Feministing crew in wishing Suzanna a happy birthday on the twitters.

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