UndocuYouth respond to Justin Bieber deportation buzz


Last week I wrote about the fact that in spite of racking up $20,000 worth of damages by egging a neighbor’s house, Justin Bieber is in no real danger of being deported. Not because the crime doesn’t merit it (that’s not a judgement I’m interested in) but because he’s white, rich, and famous.

Well, it looks like JBiebs wanted to test his luck, because he was charged this week with driving under the influence of alcohol and marijuana, driving without a valid license, and resisting arrest. And yet the Canadian-born singer was released on $2,500 bail. And still not deported. Meanwhile, as Prerna Lal explained at Racefiles, Miguel Morales Patzan, an undocumented worker, spent ten days in jail for just driving without a license — and now faces deportation.

Undocumented youth are calling bullshit.

In response to this news, the makers of Undocumemes started the tag #undeportable highlighting the gross double standard that is the U.S. deportation system. Readers (most of whom are brown) are submitting their images painted over to look blonde and blue-eyed with the caption “undeportable.”

Check out their Facebook page to submit your own image and put a face on these racist practices.




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Juliana is a Latina feminist writer and digital communications specialist living in California.

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