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By Maya and Katie

The first lady dunking gif

An early nominee for best GIF of 2014.

The 85 richest people are as wealthy as the poorest half of the world.

“I didn’t fully understand what it means to be pro-choice…until I decided not to have an abortion.”

Judge says North Carolina’s forced ultrasound law violates the first amendment.


In case you missed this, it’s kind of huge. Obama said that pot is no worse than alcohol. And that drug laws are racist and classist. And that, “it’s important for [pot legalization in some states] to go forward.

Check out the Rebellious Lawyering Conference, featuring a panel organized by our own Alexandra.

This 1981 LEGO ad is way better than the sexist ones they have now.

Catherine Samba-Panza was elected to be the interim president of the Central African Republic.

In NYC? You should celebrate the anniversary of Roe v. Wade with Physicians for Reproductive Health tonight.

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