Photo of the Day: Brad Pitt, really?

This Italian poster for “12 Years a Slave” seems to have missed the point.

Brad Pitt ad for 12 Years a Slave

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Alexandra Brodsky: ughhhhhhhh.

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    There is a perception (albeit obviously a self-fulfilling one) in Hollywood studios that films starring African American protagonists do not perform well overseas. Usually this is a factor in limiting the budgets of films starring black actors, as the execs have less expectation of international box office success.

    This poster, perhaps is one marketing team’s horrible attempt to mitigate this supposed problem by making it sound like the movie is about a white dude. And while Brad Pitt plays a Christly figure in the movie (and it’s kind of annoying in my opinion) based on a real dude from Northup’s book, he is no way, even slightly kind of a main character. If they really wanted to do this poster they should have had the face of Michael Fassbender’s evil character leering at our hero, or something.

    Freakin’ hollywood. When will they realize they make this problem up and perpetuate it by kinda racist hedging of their bets like this.

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