Happy birthday Chloe!

Chloe balancing on a fence

Chloe being a gymnast during the Feministing retreat. Photo by Syreeta

Today is Chloe’s birthday!

Chloe joined the Feministing team as the inaugural writer of our Feministing Five interview series, which she handed off to Anna, who’s now given the reigns to Suzanna. Chloe’s now our first Senior Editor, and when she’s not blogging here you can often find her dropping knowledge at places like the Melissa Harris-Perry Show. At Feministing this year her writing’s included a return to the Feministing Five to interview Nancy Pelosi and a powerful and brave post about her own experiences with disordered eating, which I’m still grateful to Chloe for writing. She also revealed that she was ridiculously cute baby.

A little more about Chloe: if you read Feministing regularly you’ve probably noticed she’s a huge Harry Potter nerd – her family dog is even a black dog named Sirius Black. She’s also a former state balance beam champion (as you might be able to figure out from the photo accompanying this post), but once got an E in Phys Ed (that’s the grade between a D and an F). Chloe and her dad apparently make amazing whole wheat flour banana ricotta cinnamon vanilla pancakes together, which I would very much like to try please.

And I happen to know that for her birthday Chloe would like you to donate to our Kickstarter campaign, Feministing #TimesTen.

Please join me in wishing Chloe a happy birthday!

Jos Truitt Jos Truitt is an Executive Director of Feministing.

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