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“I was scrolling through videos about feminism on YouTube” -Beyonce

Beyonce was scrolling through videos about feminism on YouTube.

Michelle Obama on the Affordable Care Act.

Finally! The Netherlands is changing the law that has required trans people to be sterilized in order to have their genders recognized.

Zerlina: “No one should listen to R. Kelly.

Were you wrong about R. Kelly?

9 things media called “The War on Men” this year. Excuse me…

Peggy Olsen hits her head repeatedly on a desk.

OK I’m back.

I love this piece by Ngọc Loan Trần about “calling in” as opposed to calling out. In my experience, one-on-one conversations where both parties listen and respect each other can be a really productive response to mistakes for everyone involved.

Fellow procrastinators, there’s only a day left to back our Kickstarter to relaunch Feministing.


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