Just THREE days left to give to the Feministing #TimesTen Kickstarter

feministingtimesten6Got a few bucks to spare?

Every little bit helps. If you’re feeling generous this Monday morning, please consider giving to the Feministing Kickstarter so that we can give you even more of what you love about Feministing. That means more breaking news about gender justice issues in the US and around the world, more whip smart feminist analysis of pop culture, and definitely more bird-flipping, cursing, and Friday Feminist Fuck Yous.

Thanks to your generous support, we’ve added a stretch goal of $50,000 to the Kickstarter, with just a few days to go. Every dollar you give today goes towards:

  • Paying our brilliant contributors (and ourselves!)
  • Making our site redesign slicker and stronger
  • Sending bloggers to cover relevant conferences and events
  • Hosting an epic celebration party in January 2014, which each and every one of you is invited to by donating even $1
  • Helping us form a strong, sustainable development structure and get really good at raising funds from other sources
  • And if we make it all the way to $50,000 we will use the extra funds to launch a Feministing podcast with the site redesign.

A Feministing podcast! Our luscious, dulcet voices! In YOUR ears! Think we’re snarky and smart in writing? You should hear us talk. Like our Scandal roundtable, or our Friday Night Lights roundtable, or our Mad Men roundtable? Imagine that, but in your ears. RIGHT?!

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