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Madiba walks with us.

An in-depth look into one of Chicago’s thriving business markets: heroin.

The formidable Ta-Nehisi Coates on Alec Baldwin, language and bigotry.

Sorry Twitter, we’re not going to pat you on the back for appointing ONE woman to your board.

Moms on wall-street, dads at home: marriages that experiment with the intersection of money, work, family, and power.

What isn’t there to love about Kristin Wiig

On being poor:  ”There’s no benefit to romanticizing poverty; there’s nothing fun about it, it’s stressful and tied to a host of other problems.”

How queer is American Horror Story?

Rachel Simmons on choosing single motherhood.

Apparently, straight white dudes have the fewest friends?

“I’m tired of working for $7.25 an hour. I can’t take care of my household, I can’t even take care of myself.

“Fat-booty butch wears leggings- confuses worlds, confronts self.”

Shelby Knox talks feminism: “Our culture has siloed women’s issues into parenting, reproduction, and quantifiable inequality. But every issue is a feminist issue.”

Questioning the “flawless form”: a new kind of mannequin and project in Zurich.

Rashida Jones calls pop stars whores, but says that’s fine because she’s a feminist.

A factory fire in Italy has fueled racial tensions between Italian residents and Chinese immigrants.

Can’t men be sexually fluid too?

This was not the year of the “black” movie: “For me, all I’m doing is telling my stories as I see them.

Black unemployment is almost double the national average.

Secrets, families, and the holidays: “Queer lives have always had to travel along alternative circuits.”

The Arab Spring, Muslim women, and the rise of Islamic feminists.

In Chicago, activists say “no” to another school desert.

Get your feminist groove on: winter music from Bitch.

WTF? Three white male students file complaint against professor for structural racism lecture.

Want to give this holiday season?  Here’s a progressive guide to holiday giving.

 What have you been reading/writing/watching/listening to this week?

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  1. Posted December 8, 2013 at 12:48 pm | Permalink

    For the “Can’t men be sexually fluid too?” Is a bit insulting for a couple of reasons. First people who question that are ones who dismiss bisexual and other queer identified men, as well the idea that men CAN in fact be sexually fluid as much as there are women. One just has to look at the examples of Josh Hutcherson and British director Stephen Daldry. But the other reason why it’s insulting is the idea that “most” women are like that. Of course that’s not true. And now they are trying to prove that “most” men are like that as well. I think SOME people can be fluid, but for most people that’s just not true. And I can imagine LOTS of women (including lesbians) find that idea to be very offensive, and annoyed at how people will not take their sexuality seriously and think that it’s not something they are hard-wired as, when they really are. And I know plenty of queer women who really are frustrated by it.

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